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From doctor to mechanic - 106

After 40 years as a gynaecologist, John decided he had enough money to
retire and take up his real love, auto mechanics. He left his
practice, enrolled in auto mechanics school, and studied hard. The day
of the final exam came and John worried if he would be able to
complete the test with the same proficiency as his younger classmates.
Most of the students completed their exam in two hours. John, on the
other hand, took the entire four hours allotted. The following day,
John was delighted and surprised to see a score of 150% for his exam.
John spoke to his professor after class. "I never dreamed I could do
this well on the exam. How did I earn a score of 150%?" The professor
replied, "I gave you 50% for perfectly disassembling the car engine. I
awarded another 50% for perfectly reassembling the engine. I gave you
an additional 50% for having done all of it through the muffler."

Insulting Parrot - 77

A lady was walking past a pet store when a parrot said, ''Hey, lady!
You're really ugly!" The lady was furious and continued on her way.

On the way home, she passed by the petstore again and the parrot once
more said "Hey, lady! You're really ugly!"

The lady was so angy that she went into the store and told the store
manager that she would sue the store if it didn't stop insulting her.

The store manager apologized profusely and promised he would make sure
the parrot didn't say it again.

The next day, the lady deliberately passed by the store to test the

"Hey, lady!" the parrot said.

"Yes?" said the lady...

"You know!" said the parrot.