U-Brew Services

Brewing Beer
We provide equipment and ingredients to brew a 11-gallon batch (5 cases). Price depends on the recipe. Free sampling of our beers while you brew.

Team Building
If you work in a corporation or own a small business, you can brew your batch of beer as a team-building activity. Your brewing expense may be tax-deductible.

Bottling Only
If you like, you can bottle one of our batches in inventory. Availability is limited to what we have in inventory.

Click here to see what is available

Kegs To Go
We have kegs of beer available for weddings, picnics, parties, etc. Click above to see what beers are available. (Tap rental fee=$6, deposit=$95)

Gift Certificates
Available for any amount. Must be used within one year of purchase. Good for brewing beer and online store, but not redeemable for cash.

Dry Hopping
We add 2 oz of cascade hops (or your choice of hops) after the fermentation process has completed.
Price: $5

Root beer and Pop
Choose from root beer, cherry, cola, cream, ginger ale, ginger beer, passion fruit, raspberry, spruce beer, strawberry. Makes 1 3/4 cases (4 gallons).
Price: $20

U-Brew Policies

Refund Policy
We guarantee that if you follow our recipes, your beer will turn out great. If your beer doesn't taste good before you bottle it, we will allow you to brew it over again.

Remember that your bottles must be CLEAN before putting them into the bottle sanitizer. When you leave the U-Brew, keep your beer cold and dark. It should last between 4-12 weeks depending on how cold and dark you keep it. Once your beer has left the U-Brew, we can no longer guarantee how long it stays good. That is up to you. Our refund policy applies only while the beer is still at the U-Brew.