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NOTE: We no longer provide adjuncts for recipes listed below. If you plan to brew one of these recipes, please bring the required adjunct with you. Alternatively, you can brew these recipes without the listed adjunct(s).
Recipe Adjunct
Beaverton Brown 4.4 lbs Brown Sugar
10.6 oz Molasses
Horn O' Plenty 2.2 lbs Brown Sugar
Landlord Lager 9 lbs honey (1 1/2 containers)
Polished Diamond 1.1 lbs Brown Sugar
Smith Icks 10.6 oz Molasses
1.1 lbs Brown Sugar
Berry Weizen Your favorite fruit extract. You can get them from grocery store coffee isle (flavouring syrups)
Seattle Stout 12 oz ground Espresso Coffee (1 package)
Honey Nut Brown 6 lbs honey (1 container)
Swan Island Stout 1.1 lbs flaked oatmeal