Beer Auction Related Questions

Q: How do I bid on available beers?

No bidding is necessary. This is a reverse auction where prices are reduced by %15 every week from the date available until the beer is sold. You can monitor prices until it is a good value for you.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary if we are there and a bottling station is available. It is best to call ahead just to make sure that we are there.

Q: Are these beers already bottled?

All auction beers are in our kegs. You can bring your own bottles or kegs and fill them up. We have a bottle sanitizer and bottle caps that you can use at no charge. Note that your bottles should be clean.

Q: Are these beers any good?

You are welcome to taste auction beers to see if you like them. Our batch size is 11 gallons, and there is lot of labor involved in creating these beers. They are freshly made from all natural ingredients. We think that you will taste the difference in quality.

Q: How long until the beer goes bad?

It depends on the type of beer and the storage conditions. If stored in cold temperatures, the beer will be good for at least 6 months (or longer). The style of beer also makes a big difference. Typically the heavier beers with higher alcohol percentages (7-8%) taste better as they age and don't go bad.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can drink the beer?

The beer is ready to drink as soon as it is bottled or kegged.

Q: Should I care about what yeast was used?

We use White Lab's liquid yeast for their high quality. You will notice that sometimes the same recipe is listed with different yeast strains. It is always fun to compare how each type of yeast imparts its own unique taste to the beer even with the same ingredients.

Q: What is the smallest/largest amount I can buy?

The smallest amount is a quarter of a case (= 6 pack). If you bottled the whole keg, it would be 5 cases.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a batch make?

About 11 gallons which comes out to about 5 cases.

Q: Can we use our own bottles?

Yes, as long as they're clean. Dirty bottles clog up the jets on the bottle sanitizing machine.   Amber-colored, non-twist off bottles work the best. Just rinse the bottle few times after you drink the beer.

Q: How does the beer become carbonated?

After the beer is transferred into a keg, forced carbonation method is used to carbonate the beer.

Q: I want more carbonation. Can you do that?

If too much carbonation is forced into the beer, it will be very hard to bottle the beer due to foaming. However, it is possible to adjust the carbonation of your beer after it is bottled. If you keep your beer at room temperature for about a week, it will become more carbonated due to fermentation process. If you like the carbonation levels, you can reduce the storage temperature to preserve carbonation levels.

Q: What if my beer turns out bad?

We guarantee that if you follow our recipes, your beer will turn out great. If your beer doesn't taste good before you bottle it, we will allow you to brew it over again.